By the Bridge

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We just got home from our vacation up north and I already want to go back! Here is a recap of our last few days on vacation starting with the day we took these photos near the Mackinac Bridge:

After Mackinac Island, we had a full day to explore the area and decided to check out a park just across the bridge in St. Ignace. The flowers and view of the bridge were phenomenal! We then spent the rest of the day around Mackinaw City and had a bonfire on the beach at our hotel.

Late that night we went to the Headlands International Dark Sky Park. To get far enough away from any light caused by the city or cars, we had to talk what felt like forever on a pathway in complete darkness. Of course we didn’t know exactly what to expect so we didn’t bring any flashlights, so we had to use the lights on our phone when we really needed it. It’s crazy how your eyes adjust to that type of darkness so quickly. It was only about a mile to the lakeshore point at the end of the trail and wow was it gorgeous! The stars were so bright and we even saw several shooting stars. We’re actually in the middle of the Perseid meteor shower so it was perfect timing to go and look at the sky!

Our last few days up north we spend sight seeing at Tahqamenon Falls, Munising, and Marquette. I’ve been to Tahqamenon Falls before, but it was just as beautiful as I remembered. We stopped at a restaurant there too and ate delicous bison burgers (my favorite type of burgers btw. Needless to say I was in heaven). In Munising we took a boat tour of Pictured Rocks. Who knew rocks could be so pretty! I really wanted to go on a kayaking tour and see the rocks closer, but unfotuantely we didn’t have time to do that since it required a six hour block of time (something to do next time). The last day, we went to Marquette and had a “kids day” for my little sister. We visited the children’s museum and even though I’m not a kid, I had so much fun! If you’re in the area with little ones, you have to go check it out!

I honestly was not expecting to have so much fun this vacation! All of the things we did were so entertaining and interesting and the fact that it was “right in our backyard” was awesome! It really makes me understand the true meaning of #PureMichigan.


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