Mackinac Island

I hope everyone is enjoying their week – I know I am! Wednesday morning my family and I made the four hour drive to Mackinaw City before stopping at our hotel there. The hotel is so cute – each room is grouped in a little building that looks like a cottage right on the water. And to make it better there are places right on the beach where we can sit and have a bonfire each night! We walked around the downtown area before grabbing some dinner and heading back to the hotel to relax by the pool and watch the sunset. Mackinac Bridge looks gorgeous with the sun setting behind it!

The next morning we woke up bright and early to take a ferry over to Mackinac Island. It’s always tradition for us to rent bicycles and make the 8.2 mile ride around the island. This year, we liked the bikes we rode so much we looked into purchasing our own at our local bike shop (lol). After, we stopped for lunch at Goodfellow’s Grill and everything tasted amazing! I highly recommend it if you’re on the island. We then went to the butterfly house – the scariest part for me. Many people don’t know this, but I have a weird fear of butterflies. For the longest time I wouldn’t dare step into a butterfly house, but I somehow managed to get over my fear and go in. Maybe it was because I was behind my camera lens the entire time taking photos of as many different species as I could. I think I took more photos in the butterfly house than in any other location that day.

Our last outing was a carriage tour around historic parts of the island and a walk to Fort Mackinac. I cannot believe how beautiful the views are from the fort! It was definitely the best way to end our site seeing before we went back to the hotel. Right before we headed back to the ferry we stopped at Murdick’s to get some taffy and fudge – things that you absolutely must buy when you’re on Mackinac Island. I cannot wait to dig into the dark chocolate fudge I picked out. The rest of the evening was pretty relaxing. We ate dinner in our room and walked out to the beach to watch the sunset and a bonfire.