The Edit: Farfetch Edition

One of my favorite online shops to buy from is Farfetch. I don’t live close to any stores that sell a wide array of designer and luxury goods, so much of my shopping tends to be online. That being said, there are tons of online shops I like to browse for different colors and styles but I’ve found Farfetch tends to have the most color options and sizes available, making it more enticing to purchase from here than anywhere else. I actually found my Valentino flats here when they were sold out in my size everywhere else! Needless to say it was super exciting because I had had my eye on that pair for about a year.

All of the items on the list caught my eye, but I’m paying particularly close attention to the Chloe Hayley bag and the Chloe glasses frames. Last semester in school I broke my favorite pair of glasses and had to get rid of them, and I’ve since been looking for a style that I really like. That last pair I wore for almost 8 years and replaced the lenses countless times, and that is exactly what I’m looking for this time around. I’ve been wearing glasses all of my life and like them much more than contact lenses, so finding a pair I really love is very important to me! I’m also loving the new Hayley style bag I saw on Farfetch’s website about a week ago! I’ve found that many of Chloe’s handbag styles are great for everyday use, and the leather tends to be better suited for that as well. I’m thinking if I could have one new thing for fall, it would definitely be between this bag or a pair of Stuart Weitzman lowland boots. Not sure which one I would get more wear out of, but they’re both contenders for my next big purchase.