What’s in my bag: CrossFit Edition

Does anyone else remember back in the early days of YouTube watching videos of people sharing what was in their purses? That was totally my inspiration for this post today (lol)!

When I’m not at work or trying to create content for Park Street Chic, there’s a good chance that I am at CrossFit. Since stepping into the gym for the first time 2 ½ years ago, I’ve been hooked! With that being said, it’s opened up another world for me when it comes to fashion and gear as well (aka now I have a reason to constantly be checking Lululemon’s website). 

Here are some of the things I keep in my CrossFit bag:

The Backpack. Before we get into any of the gear, we need to talk about the item that holds everything because I. AM. OBSESSED. WITH. THIS. BEAR KOMPLEX. BACKPACK. There are so many pockets and compartments that everything down to my hair ties have a designated space. I’ve already used it a few times for travel because it has so much space in the main compartment and has a pocket in the back so I can toss in my iPad and electronics. My favorite part is the giant zippered pocket at the bottom of the backpack, which is the perfect spot for my shoes (spoken like a true #ShoeAddict). Depending on the workout I’ll use my Nike Metcon trainers or my NoBull lifters, but this pocket allows for easy access when I need to reach either pair.

The Shoes. It’s not shocking that the very first purchase I made after starting CrossFit was a new pair of shoes. Right now, I own three pairs of shoes that I wear on a regular basis: Nike Metcon trainers and two pairs NoBull trainers in grey & purple. I also have shoes that I wear specifically for weightlifting.

Photo credit: Make Wods Great Again

VersaLifts. These are by far the coolest gear I own! A friend of mine – who is a certified badass – was telling me about theses no-slip inserts that go into your trainers to simulate the heel incline like a pair of weightlifting shoes. The best part is you can take these in and out of your shoes and use them whenever you need. I find these great for workouts that have snatches or overhead squats and double unders and box jumps. They’re also an essential when I travel because I don’t have to carry two pairs of CrossFit shoes with me when I drop in to a gym.

Weightlifting Belt. Other than my VersaLifts, my belt is the newest addition to my CrossFit gear. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted a belt that had lots of sparkle, hence the bright purple sequins! The brand, 2Pood, actually sells TONS of different patterns and sequins color for their belts, so if you’re looking for something unique and that works really well, I highly recommend you give them a try.

Thumb Tape. It’s always super weird to explain to people at work why my hands are all torn apart, so I decided to save my hands – mainly my thumbs – with tape. I mainly use this tape from WOD&DONE on days where we have lots of pullups or lots of barbell movements. It’s super sticky, doesn’t fall off when my hands get sweaty, and it comes in pink. 😊

Grips. On the topic of hand protection, I’ve been using these from Victory Grips for a while now and they’ve worked really well forme. When I first bought them, I didn’t use grips a ton because I was still in the very early stages of learning movements like pullups and toes to bar, but I get these out more often now that I know that I’m capable of some of these movements.

During 19.5 this year I wasn’t expecting to do many – if even 1 – chest to bar pullup in the workout. This was because during the 2018 Open, I had attempted a few and was 100% not ready and did not have the strength to do them. I went into this year’s workout with the same mentality that I probably wasn’t ready to do them, but found out that not only could I do one, but I completed 29 of them! The only reason that I stopped was because as I was coming down from the bar on the 29th rep, I felt the skin on my hands tear. I wasn’t expecting to do more than 1 chest to bar pullup so I didn’t put on my grips… That was such a bad idea. Needless to say, I have learned my lesson.

On another note, if you haven’t seen Jacob Heppner’s review of some popular CrossFit grips, you need to watch it now! It’s thouroughly entertaining as well as helpful. 🙂

Jump Rope. I had the chance to volunteer last year at the Central Regional for the media team. Along with volunteering came a ton of extra perks and discounts from the vendors that were at the event, including from RX Smart Gear.  At that point I didn’t have a rope of my own, so it was the perfect time to get something customized, perfect for my size and abilities. They had tons of difference cable sizes and lengths, so I was able to test and put together my perfect rope (I ended up choosing a 7’ 10”, Ultra 1.8 cable).

What items do you keep in your gym bag? I have several other posts coming soon, but in the meantime be sure to keep up with me on Instagram!