What is a Shacket? | New Styles

Not quite a shirt, not quite a jacket, the shacket has been an item seen across Instagram and Pinterest lately. I’ve been very much into the plaid and sherpa fabrics, but you can find them in tons of different patterns, fabrics and best of all—lenghts!

It first started a few months ago when I was browsing Zara’s website and found this piece, which was a different set of colors than what I normal would gravitate to. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I found it on sale, and I thought I would give the trend a try. I wore it this weekend to a crafting class I took with a few friends.

After I realized I liked the one from Zara, I also snagged a long (more jacket like) piece from H&M and a fringed one from NastyGal. I’ll give you a tip: KEEP A TAB WITH THESE LINKS OPEN ON YOUR PHONE OR COMPUTER! Both of these are currently sold out. However, I managed to get both of these by reguarly checking the websites and randomly came across restocks in both cases. SCORE!

Why buy one?

These shirt jackets are the perfect layering piece. It’s no surprise that it’s still winter here in the Michigan, but as we head toward spring these will be the nice to have on hand when I don’t want to wear my “Michelin Man” jacket out. I also picture myself taking these into fall (yes, I’m thinking that far ahead). Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I’ve taken the initiative to be more thoughtful with the clothes and accessorites I do buy in 2021—and likely beyond—no more frivolus spending on things I’m going to wear once. That’s why I really thought about which of these shirt jackets I would really use if added to my wardrobe.

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