Three Winter Wardrobe Staples

Here’s the truth: During the winter I have very little motivation to get all glam and dressed up. The bright side of this is that I have finally found an outfit combination that I can work with—a turtleneck, comfy jacket, and straight legged jeans.

Turtleneck: Obviously you can swap this out with a crewneck, v-neck, or whatever you like, but turtlenecks are my absolute favorite type of sweater! There’s something about feeling super snuggly in a comfy sweater.

Straight-legged jeans: For a long time I refrained from buying straight-legged jeans, but I recently found several pairs from Levi’s and Madewell that immediately changed my mind. My favorite part? They’re much more comfortable than other cuts of jeans (and I’m 1000% about comfort).

Winter coat: Is it just me or does everyone who lives in the Midwest have a ton of coats? While we obviously need them because it’s freezing outside, I want something that can make a statement! Right now I’m really into camel and grey coats, but there are tons of differnt combos you can create with this “outfit algorithm.”

It’s super simple to recreate with different colored denim and sweaters. I’m pretty sure that I use this combination most days of the week and just swap out different sweaters and jeans. Is there a particular combination of clothes you stick to on the regular? Let me know in the comments!

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