Starting a New Job + What to Wear

As you can see from the title, I’m starting a new job! It’s super exciting because I’m finally able to work for a company doing exactly what I want and what I went to school for. Right after college graduation in April, I made the goal of finding a job in 6 months or less because I wanted to give myself enough time to decompress from the stressful last semester of college and enjoy some time with friends and family. The craziest part of this 6-month goal is that I actually start this new job at exactly the 6-month mark of graduating college – if that isn’t fate, I don’t know what is!

Until now, there wasn’t really a need for me to dress in business casual attire unless I was going to an interview or had a special presentation to give during classes at school. My closet had the bare minimum
when it came to work attire. With the start of my new job coming quickly, I’m currently looking for pieces to add to my new work style. I’ve seen way too many people lose their style due to this “box” that workwear tends to
fall in, so I’ve been searching far and wide to find clothes that are appropriate for the office and still fit my style. And that is how today’s blog post was created!

Along with the products shown above, I also have my eyes on a few
other things. like this white blazer from Club Monaco and this Zara shirt (with pom poms!). For those of you who have to dress up for the office or for your job, where do you find your favorite workwear from?