New In: Handbag & Sunglasses

Happy Thursday everyone! It’s been quite some time since my last post, but I promise you that I have some good things coming to the blog soon. Today I start with two of the newest pieces I have in my closet.

For the last 4 months or so I have had the biggest handbag crush on the Marcie crossbody by Chloé. It was my intention to buy this bag for our family trip to Florida in July, so something with color and practicality was what I was looking for. So far I’ve had this bag for about two weeks and I can’t put it down! The leather is super soft and it holds everything I need – sunglasses, keys, lipgloss, card case, and coin purse! If you’re looking for a new purse, I absolutely recommend Chloé.

Chloé Marcie Crossbody Bag

It’s no surprise that when buying sunglasses, I go straight to the Ray-Ban section. I actually bought my first pair at Sunglass Hut in 2008 after seeing a picture of Joe & Nick Jonas wearing white Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses at the Disney Channel Games (Yes I know that’s funny). I spent about 30 minutes looking on for the exact picture, but I found it (click here for a blast from the past picture of Nick Jonas)!

Recently I had strayed away from buying sunglasses that were not fit to my eye prescription because I had been lazy at reordering contacts, so it didn’t make sense at the time to buy something that I physically couldn’t wear because my eyesight is terrible.

Embarrassing stories and bad eyesight aside, flash lenses have been super popular for sunglasses this past year and quite frankly I don’t know why I haven’t bought more. My first pair of Ray-Bans actually have silver mirrored lenses, but this aviator shape and color are absolutely perfect! Now I’m craving the sames sunglasses in blue.This is my fourth pair of glasses from the brand, and they’re honestly worth every penny!

Ray-Ban Original Aviators

I can already tell that these are going to be my summer essentials! What are your new favorite pieces you have purchased recently? Let me know in the comments.

P.S. I have decided that I will be posting once a week until I can create the time to post more often. In the mean time stay connected with me on Twitter and Instagram (@destiny_cook) and my social media class blog.