Lululemon Sale | Favorites

Lululemon has a TON of items on sale right now and here a few of my favorites that I actually have in my closet. Shop quick! Styles, colors, and sizes always go extremely fast when they post new sale items. From what I am hearing the sale goes until Monday.

Festival Bag

I have this back from several seasons ago and I use it all the time. It has so many pockets and is the perfect everyday bag that I don’t have to fuss about like a luxury or leather bag. It’s my go-to for commuting and traveling.

On the Fly Pants

Another staple in my wardrobe, I wear these pants in the office on a regular basis. They are super easy to dress up with a nicer shirt or even wear casually with a jean jacket. Plus I’m always a fan of pants that don’t have buttons. 😛 They come in several different lengths, however I find the ankle length to be the most flattering.

Pace Rival Crop

This is my absolute favorite style of Lululemon leggings! I have them in many different colors and prints. They recently started offering different rises, so I have the high-rise style a try. I’m still partial to the originals, however these are a great option if you’re more into high-rise and leggings that make you feel “hugged.”

Tie Back Tee

I found these on sale about a month ago on their website and picked up all of the colors they had at the time (there were 3). It’s super flattering and breezy, which has been helpful because daily WODs have been in 90 plus degree heat.

Emerald Long Sleeve Tee

Another item that I have in several colors. This is a lightweight long sleeve that I wear more regularly in the cooler months for workouts or in everyday outfits under vests and other tops. If you’re looking for a basic long sleeve tee, I highly recommend this one.

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