Gift Guide: Fitness | Holiday 2021

Massage Gun | AirPods | Nike Sweatshirt | Joggers | Yeti Bottle | Reebok Shoes | Whoop Strap

I really enjoyed making this list! A lot of these things are perfect for the fitness enthusiast in your life. You know the drill by now, keep reading to learn more about why I chose each item.

Theragun Massage Gun

Best. Gift. Ever! This is the perfect gift for the person who is always complaining about being sore… at least that is what my mom said when she bought me one lol. This one comes with different attachments and feels amazing after a hard workout.


My AirPods are one of my most used gifts! In most gym situations, I really like my AirPods over other similar styles.

Nike Sweatshirt

Everyone needs a good sweatshirt to wear during warmup or while heading to the gym. I first saw some of the cool colors that Nike is selling during this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and this olive green one has caught my eye ever since.

Vuori Joggers

This is a product that I don’t own, but I have heard nothing but good things from friends (and the Talking Elite Fitness podcast). I really want to try these. They look super comfortable and are a good length—even for us short people!

Yeti Bottle

I mentioned the tumblers in the previous gift guides, but a good bottle for the gym is also an essential…and makes a good gift. I love that they can be personalized so everyone knows what bottle is yours!

Reebok Nano Trainers

This is one of my go-to shoe styles for the gym…CrossFitters will know. Even if this isn’t your style, a new pair of shoes their favorite sneakers is a thoughtful gift.

Whoop Strap

I’ve spoken about the Whoop strap before on the blog, so I won’t go into detail about all the pros of the technology. If you know someone who is looking to try it out, buy a a subscriptions for them!

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