Florida Days 3 & 4

Suitcase: TUMI | Bags: Vera Bradley | Shoes: Nike

Swimsuit: Mikoh (top) & Topshop (bottoms) | Shoes: Birkenstock

Swimsuit: Oshkosh

Sunglasses: Tory Burch

Happy Wednesday! The last two days have been quite hectic, but we have finally made it to the Pink Shell Resort in Fort Myers, Fla. Before coming to the Gulf, we spent our last day in Orlando walking around Downtown Disney! There were some really cool specialty stores we went to like the Lego store. Isabella had a blast trying to figure out which Lego Duplo set she wanted to take home with her – of course she decided on a Doc McStuffins one at the end. They also had a ton of stations set up for the kids to use their imaginations and create cool Lego creations. Another great place was T-Rex, a store/restaurant dedicated entirely to dinosaurs. Build-A-Bear had even created a specific shop called “Create-A-Dino” to further the theme. Isabella made a rainbow Triceratops and named her Rexi lol. We also stopped at a little gelato shop for a treat, and oh my was it amazing (it was my first time trying it, but definitely not the last). Ending the night was a stop to get dinner and a late night swim before heading to Fort Myers in the morning.

Wednesday morning after packing the car we set off toward the west side of the state, making a stop at one of our favorite restaurants, El Chapulin (we call it El Chaps at home). El Chapulin only has three locations (one being super close back home) and they make the best Mexican food ever! After lunch it was about an hour and a half drive to our resort, and we spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool and beach. Upon walking in we were all dumbfounded by the view of both the pool and ocean from our suite! Around 8:20 was sunset and tons of people from the resort went to the beach to take family pictures in front of the gorgeous sunset. The amount of pictures I took on my phone and camera of tonight’s sunset is a little but ridiculous, but the view was magnificent!

Tomorrow we plan to relax again at the pool and beach as much as possible. We also have a whale watch booked for the afternoon. Hopefully we can get some awesome pictures (as whales and dolphins are my favorite animals)!

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