Finding an Over the Knee Boot for You + Tips

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Of all the recent fashion trends, over the knee boots has to be one of my favorite! Around September of last year I tried out the trend by purchasing a pair of OTK boots from Sole Society. They are a great addition to my embarrassingly large shoe collection, but even after purchasing those I still had one pair on my mind – the Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I don’t live close to a store that sells Stuart Weitzman, so most of my high end shopping is done online. With that being said, I was very hesitant about purchasing such an expensive pair of shoes online without ever trying them on, but to help ease my mind I did a lot of research. Fortunately all of the research I did prior to ordering the Stuart Weitzman boots worked out great in the end because they are my favorite pair of boots I have ever had! Today I’m sharing the tips I used when looking for over the knee boots. Remember – this doesn’t just apply to high end boots, it can be used for any price! Linked below are some of my favorite OTK boots so you can shop them too. Be sure to let me know what your favorite boots are by tagging me on Instagram or commenting down below!

Measure your calves! This is the most important step when looking for
taller boots. No one wants to spend money on a pair of shoes you love, but
won’t zip over your calf. That is just asking for disappointment. For me, my
calves are slightly on the larger side, so paying attention to calf circumference in the product descriptions is essential (for reference I have a 14″ calf circumference). Typically the website will disclose the calf circumference, making it easier for purchasers to make an informed decision. My boots from Sole Society have a 15″ circumference, so I felt
comfortable purchasing them online knowing I could wear them with jeans easily. This pair was easy to slide on from the outset and I actually wore them later that day!

I was much more hesitant with the Stuart Weitzman boots because every website said they had a 12″ circumference. Although the small calf circumference scared me, I knew that the SW boots were suede so there would be a little give when I put them on. From my good old days of working in a shoe store, I learned that leather and suede stretch easier than a synthetic material. That little tidbit helped assure me that I was making a good choice in ordering the SW boots. It was actually really surprising trying on the boots once they arrived! They had a decent amount of stretch in them (more than the Sole Society pair) and they fit over my jeans right away. The stitching that cuts across the top was a little snug at first, but after just one wear these boots slide on and off like magic! I find
myself wearing these boots so often – as you probably have seen if you follow me on 

Overall I think both pairs I purchased were great options, but without doing a little research it could have been disastrous! As someone who primarily shops online, it was essential to read the reviews other consumers had posted and make my best judgement. Again don’t forget these three tips when shopping for boots:

  • Measure you calves
  • Read product descriptions carefully,
    especially when it comes to calf size
  • Know the material