Popular Trend: Exercise Dresses

Am I the only one who finds out new fashion trends from Instagram? A while back I saw several Instagram ads for the *now famous* Outdoor Voices exercise dress. After that, my explore page became filled with influencers, regular people, and even friends sporting fitness-style dresses.

Ever since then I have been on the hunt for one that I thought would work with my body shape and my *unfortunate* insecurities. I’m pretty picky about necklines, so I was stoked to find this Target exercise dress had a high neckline! It has sold out pretty fast, but I recommend checking your local stores—my size was sold out online, but I was able to do a drive-up order at one of my local Target stores.

Check out the “Shop the Post” item below—in addition to linking the Target dress I’m wearing, I’ve inlcuded several similar styles for various retailers! Let me know if you have an exercise dress and what you like about it!

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