Disney Vacation Day 1

Happy Sunday everyone! Here’s a quick update today on our family vacation! Yesterday and today we spent most of our time in the car making the 15 hour car ride to Orlando. We stopped about halfway through the drive last night in Chattanooga, Tennessee to break up the ride and give my two year old sister, Isabella, a rest from sitting in the car.

Today we made it to our hotel in Orlando around dinner time so we decided to try some food offered in the hotel’s restaurant, and it was amazing! My mom and I both got the Monterrey grilled chicken and vegetables and we couldn’t believe how great everything tasted.

The manager of the restaurant also informed us during our meal that we had been selected as the Family of the Day and got an awesome dessert as a treat, as well as take care of their little Beta fish named Sushi for the night. Needless to say, Isabella has been pretty excited about the fish – even though she likes to call him Nemo instead of Sushi lol.

Tomorrow we are off to Disney World and even though I’m 21 years-old, words cannot describe my excitement! I’ll be sure to post again soon but to keep up to date with our vacation, follow me on Twitter and Instagram @destiny_cook.