Cat-Like Halloween Makeup

Happy Friday! It’s that time of year again – and as usual I have no clue what to dress up as for Halloween. Maybe one day I’ll actually plan to wear a costume in the future. I love looking at everyone’s photos on Instagram and seeing the many costumes that people wear.

Luckily for you my obsession with hoarding makeup came in handy and was able to put together a simple cat face makeup look! All of the products you can find at Sephoratoo!

Creating a cat look is probably the easiest thing to do for a quick costume! I started with just my normal makeup routine of primer, foundation, and eyebrow pomade. Next I added a brown eyeshadow all over the lid and a dark purple in the crease – nothing too fancy because I wanted to wear a bolder lip color (something I never do). After eyeshadow it’s on to contouring. This is something that I admit to being terrible at, although I think better products would help :). Once that’s done I added black liquid eyeliner to my lids and the brown eyeshadow I used on the lower lid with a pencil brush. Lastly I put on a dark red lipstick and used a black eyeliner pencil to add color to my nose and cheeks.

I’m no makeup artist by any means, but this is something that anybody can create with products you already have! Below I’ll have the list of all the products used. As usual be sure to keep up with me on Twitterand Instagram@destiny_cook, and be sure to leave a comment below with what your costume is for this Halloween!