A Casual Summer Look

Consistently warm weather is finally here in Michigan, which means lots of time outside! Even though COVID-19 is still upon us, getting outside and experiencing the fresh summer air isn’t cancelled! My mom, sister, and I have been enjoying daily bike rides around our town. It’s been such an enjoyable experience getting to explore the town on a bike. 

On one recent trip I decided to bring my camera so we could take some photos, which are featured in today’s post. Our local farmer’s market is right next to this super colorful mural! Because the market is only open on the weekends, this impromptu weekday shoot was the perfect time to snap some photos by it!

I will admit that since I have started working from home I have gotten really lazy about doing my hair, makeup, and getting dressed so it was a ton of fun getting back to my normal self to shoot this look—even though jeans and a t-shirt isn’t really dressing up. 🙂

The Look

This is a pretty simple, low-barrier outfit that you can recreate! I found this t-shirt on a recent trip to Target as I was headed toward the checkout. It’s a little big, but that’s okay because it looks cute tucked into high waisted jeans, like my favorite pair from Levi’s. I decided to add a little glam to the look with some embellished flats. I really like this pair because they look great in a casual look like this but also are nice for work and dressier occasions. This style seems to be play on the designer pair that I have seen so many times (and coveted) on Instagram. I paired it with my favorite hat and a leather backpack to complete the look.

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